Logo Design and Photoshop

Logo Design and Photoshop

Logo Design and Photoshop

Making or designing a logo can be a difficult task for many-especially when you don't have the experience, or simply the patience to sit countless hours in front of the computer dealing with colors, layers, paths, etc. However, for all those who enjoy dedicating the proper time that goes into logo graphic design, it can be an absolutely rewarding experience. Actually, I just finished working on the logo that is going to be the face of my business for the next few years and I'm really happy with the results. It took a bit of research - watching tutorial videos, checking forums, and a whole lot of patience with myself and Photoshop.

When designing a logo, artists/designers should consider a few things to accomplish this task in the least time possible and using the highest quality. The very first thing to consider is what the logo is going to represent for your company. Whether it is for a distant cousin's pig farm, or for a roller coaster company in Italy, the logo must be something gives a first impression of what the company is about. It’s now time for doodling. I suggest that you do it tirelessly, even if you happen to scribble something that might resemble what you want. Don’t let perfectionism limit you in anyway. You can always edit later. Doing this will give you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the logo design of your dreams.

After having something physical on paper, then it's time to design your logo. Woohoo! Now, open your favorite software and start creating! Personally, I prefer Photoshop and Illustrator when creating my logos. Whatever you decide to use, there are gazillions of image editing software programs out there to facilitate your artistry. Just like every painter has their own favorite paintbrush and paint medium you will find out what tools you like the best. It all depends on what YOU like and want to use.

Viva your imagination and happy designing!

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